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Why You Need Year Around Pest Control

Why You Need Year Around Pest Control

Some pests, like mosquitoes, are clearly a seasonal problem. You can tell a significant difference between mosquito activity in the summer vs mosquito activity in the winter. This is because mosquitoes are only active part of the year. During the colder months of the year, immature mosquitoes remain in shallow pools of water waiting for the weather to warm enough for them to finish maturing and enter the world. Knowing that some pests are only active part of the year can make it seem like all pests follow this same pattern and that your pest control efforts can follow suit. Unfortunately, there are some pests that are always active. Some of these pests can do damage to your house all year long. And, even if you do not have an active infestation, skipping out on routine pest control can leave your home vulnerable to a new infestation. 

Some pests are always active

There are several types of pests that can remain active throughout the year. In fact, your home can provide the perfect environment for pests to stay healthy and active no matter what the weather outside is doing. Your house is temperature controlled which means that the cold St. Louis winters will not bother cockroaches or rodents as long as they are cozy inside. In addition, your home likely has water and food readily available to pests. A leaky faucet can provide the damp environment that cockroaches love. Crumbs left on the floor or packages in your pantry that are not fully closed can give rodents an easy snack. Wood used in the construction of your house can keep termites fed all year long. Year around pest control is important because it is the best way to deal with pests that are always active. 

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Damage can continue even if you do not see the pests

Some of the pests that are active all year long spend all or most of their time out of sight. Just because you don’t see pests does not mean that they are not there. Termites, for example, typically choose to feed on wood that is close to moisture rich soil. This means that termites often create colonies underneath houses. Termites can be causing damage to your house around the clock without you ever knowing they are there. Setting up year around pest control will help you avoid going for a long period of time with damage happening without realizing. A pest professional will keep an eye out for any signs of pest activity at your property. 

Going without year around pest control can leave you vulnerable to new infestations

Going without year around pest control can leave you vulnerable to infestations. For example, termite swarmers emerge from their colonies and set out in search of new homes to infest. If you do not know how to identify termite swarmers then you may not even notice that your home is at risk for developing an infestation. Setting up year around pest control will ensure that there is an expert keeping an eye out for potential threats to your home. 

Regularly scheduled pest control services throughout the year can protect your home from the threats that pests pose. You can work with a pest control provider like Unitech Pest and Termite Services to create a schedule that keeps your home continually protected from pests.