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Pest activity in your Brewery or Distillery could cause the halting of production runs, damage to raw materials and seriously jeopardize your brand. Pest Unitech’s pest control programs are designed to protect your business, allowing you to focus on developing beers and spirits.

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As a family-operated pest control enterprise based in St. Louis, Unitech Pest doesn’t answer to public stockholders. When we make a commitment, it’s backed by our cherished family reputation and tradition. This legacy forms the bedrock of our past and paves the path for our future. In an era where things are increasingly transient, enduring quality might seem outdated. However, at Unitech Pest and Termite Services, we firmly believe that first-rate service never loses its appeal. Our guiding principle is treating individuals, including our customers, with the same respect we’d like to receive. These fundamental values form the heart of our business and will persist as our mission. – Allen Stagner, Proprietor, Unitech Pest and Termite Control.

Beyond Pest Control: A Commitment to Excellence and Environmental Care with Unitech

1. Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Unitech Pest & Termite Services stands as a beacon of reliable and effective pest control solutions in St. Louis. Rooted in family values and tradition, our company’s ethos is shaped by consistent excellence and reciprocal respect. We focus on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a systematic strategy that combines various environmentally sensitive methods to prevent pest damage. IPM emphasizes understanding the lifecycle of pests and their interaction with the environment. This information, in combination with available pest control methods, is used to manage pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.

2. Employee & Customer Friendly Service

At the heart of Unitech Pest & Termite Services is our commitment to providing service that respects both our employees and customers. We believe in fostering a work environment that encourages our team to give their best, thereby ensuring top-notch service delivery. Simultaneously, we value our clients and strive to provide them with the highest standard of pest control solutions. This dual focus results in a harmonious business model where everyone involved feels valued and respected. Our approach is not just about controlling pests; it’s about building strong, lasting relationships with our team and our customers.

3. Your Own Trained Technician

One of the key attributes that sets Unitech Pest & Termite Services apart is our provision of a dedicated technician for every client. Each technician undergoes comprehensive training to acquire the skills necessary to combat a variety of pest issues effectively. This personalized approach ensures that your unique needs are understood and addressed accurately. Your technician will be familiar with your property, the specific pest problems you face, and the most effective solutions. This continuity of service not only guarantees efficient pest control but also builds a relationship of trust and reliability with our clients.

4. Annual Pest Treatment Programs

To ensure the highest level of protection for your property, Unitech Pest & Termite Services offers comprehensive annual pest treatment programs. These programs are designed to provide continuous defense against a wide range of pests throughout the year. Each program is tailored to address the specific pest issues associated with each season and your unique needs. Our commitment to regular, scheduled interventions helps to prevent infestations before they occur, keeping your property safe and pest-free. With our annual pest treatment programs, you can rest assured that your pest concerns are being managed effectively all year round.

5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We are committed to providing you with superior pest control solutions. Our confidence in our services is reflected in our 100% satisfaction guarantee! We ensure that our team of trained professionals work diligently to meet your specific needs. If for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with our service, we promise to address your concerns promptly and efficiently. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every turn. With Unitech, you can trust that your pest problems are in the most capable hands.

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    Preparation for pest control treatment involves clearing the affected area of any equipment or materials that could obstruct the treatment process. Clean and sanitize surfaces thoroughly, paying particular attention to areas where pests may be harboring. Store all food ingredients and products properly to prevent pest attraction.
    Yes, pests can return if underlying causes aren’t addressed. Conducting regular monitoring, implementing preventive measures, and collaborating with pest control professionals is essential. If you need pest control in your breweries, these proactive steps can help minimize the risk of reinfestations.
    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a sustainable approach that uses prevention, monitoring, and a combination of strategies to manage pests while minimizing environmental impact and protecting human health. At Unitech Pest Control, we are committed to implementing IPM practices as part of our eco-conscious approach to pest management.

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    I have been using Unitech Pest Control for a number of years now. When I tell my grandchildren the bug man is coming they get very excited. He has always been exceptionally nice and does a good job.

    Casey L.

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