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We promptly address your pest control requirements using methods that are safe for kids and pets. Get rid of pests today! Reach out to us for a $20 discount and regain control of your home.

Pest Control and Extermination Services in Kirkwood, MO

At Unitech Pest Control and Termite Services, we are committed to providing your home or business with a pest-free environment. Our skilled technicians in Kirkwood, MO, are knowledgeable, courteous, and strive for excellence on every job.
We prioritize transparency and always review costs and techniques prior to starting. Rest assured, we listen to your needs and concerns. By choosing us, you can trust that your property will be safeguarded from all unwanted pests.

Our Services

Unitech Pest Control Kirkwood MO, can handle any size of pest infestation, including ants, cockroaches, rats, birds and more. Our experienced team will effectively detect and treat all infestations, giving you peace of mind. Trust Unitech Pest to keep your home pest-free.

1. Multiple service options to choose from:

Unitech Pest provides personalized pest control services to fit your unique requirements, whether it’s a recurring or one-time solution. Our exterior and interior care plan guarantees a pest-free environment. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern, and we strive to achieve exceptional results with every treatment.

2. Get a personalized plan today:

Guard your business against pests with Unitech Pest’s tailored Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services. Develop a program that’s unique to your needs, and count on us for support throughout the process.

3. Residential and commercial pest control services that work:

Relax knowing your home is protected by Unitech Pest’s residential pest control in Kirkwood, MO. We offer comprehensive coverage against insects and rodents, including general insect prevention, mosquito control, and rodent extermination. Our services are unmatched in the industry, ensuring your home is free from pests.

Our commercial pest control services, on the other hand, are tailored to meet the unique needs of restaurants, food facilities, hotels, and brewery businesses. We are proud to offer superior service in these industries, setting us apart from the competition.

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    Our Treatment Process

    At Unitech pest control, customer and employee satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Our goal is to provide exceptional services and ensure our customers are treated with professionalism and respect. We carefully evaluate all aspects when choosing a service provider to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

    Our 5-step approach to pest control guarantees maximum effectiveness:

    1. Inspection

    Our skilled technician conducts a thorough examination of the affected area to determine the source of infestation and provide customized solutions.

    2. Identification

    Following a comprehensive pest survey, we accurately identify the species and life cycle stage of pests.

    3. Treatment Strategy

    Recognizing that each pest issue is unique, we develop a personalized approach based on the intensity, size, and environment of the problem. Our solutions prioritize safety and use only non-toxic, eco-friendly products.

    4. Service Delivery

    Our experienced technicians use traps, provide thorough spraying/dusting services in hard-to-reach areas, and secure entry points to ensure no pests are missed, always keeping the safety of children and pets in mind.

    5. Follow-up Assessment

    We are committed to complete customer satisfaction and remain in contact with our customers after each appointment to receive feedback. Our dedicated customer support team is always available to address any concerns or report further pest-related issues, ensuring your home stays pest-free.

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    Why Choose Unitech Pest Control Kirkwood, MO

    Choose Unitech Pest Control and Termite Services for a stress-free pest elimination experience. Our priorities are customer satisfaction, safety, and environmental responsibility.

    Pest Control Company In St. Louis

    1. Customized Approach

    As a family-owned business, we treat our customers like family. Our pest control experts understand the frustration of dealing with pests and offer a compassionate and understanding approach to meet your needs.

    2. Safe & Eco-Friendly Treatments

    Our treatments not only get rid of pests but also prioritize the safety of your family, pets, and the environment. We utilize environmentally friendly methods and minimize the use of hazardous chemicals for a healthier planet.

    3. Skilled Technicians

    Our technicians are seasoned in pest control and can quickly and safely eliminate pests from your property. With our expertise, you can expect superior service and a guarantee to resolve any pest problem promptly.

    Our pest control services are also available in other areas, including University City.


    For comprehensive pest protection, we suggest scheduling appointments every 3-4 months. We offer flexible plans that fit your needs, from monthly to quarterly services.

    Yes, we are confident in our expertise and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you experience any recurring issues after treatment, we will not charge you for any additional services.

    Working with a professional pest exterminator brings numerous benefits. Our technicians are equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to locate and eliminate pest infestations, providing tailored solutions that deliver effective results. This is more efficient than relying on DIY methods.

    An annual pest control plan offers comprehensive and long-lasting pest protection. Regular annual services are the best way to maintain a pest-free property all year round. While a one-time service may provide temporary relief, an annual maintenance plan ensures continued protection from pests.

    Established in 1853, Kirkwood is a historical western suburb of St. Louis located in St. Louis County, Missouri with an approximate population of 27,540 as reported by the 2010 census. This city was named after James P. Kirkwood who was instrumental to its earliest development by building the Pacific Railroad which passed there and made it one of America’s first planned suburbs westward from the Mississippi River!
    Kirkwood, MO, is one of the oldest suburban municipalities in St. Louis and has a unique charm that allows its citizens to enjoy some of the most beautiful neighborhoods, historical landmarks, and family-friendly attractions this city has to offer.

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    I have been using Unitech Pest Control for a number of years now. When I tell my grandchildren the bug man is coming they get very excited. He has always been exceptionally nice and does a good job.

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