Bed Bug Heat Treatment in O'Fallon, MO

Bed bugs in O’Fallon can be a persistent problem, but Unitech Pest Control provides a superior solution with our bed bug heat treatment. Ideal for both homes and businesses, heat treatment is non-toxic and leaves no chemical residues.

Unlike chemical treatments, heat treatment is eco-friendly and leaves no harmful residues. Heat treatment reaches bed bugs in hard-to-reach places, ensuring no survivors. With the training our skilled technicians have received and their experience, we can eradicate bed bugs completely. 

For those in O’Fallon seeking a reliable way to combat bed bugs, our heat treatment service stands out as a dependable and eco-friendly option.

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    Treatment Process of Heat Treatment

    How Heat Treatment Works

    For those in O’Fallon seeking a reliable way to combat bed bugs, our bed bug heat treatment in O’Fallon service stands out.

    We use high temperatures to seek out bed bugs in every nook and cranny. This one-time treatment increases the chances of complete removal without multiple passes and visits. It’s also safe for the environment and doesn’t leave any residue from the chemicals used—because there are none!

    Our bed bug heat treatment offers an efficient and reliable way to reclaim your space.

    How Bed Bug Heat Treatment in O'Fallon is Superior

    If you’re facing a bed bug issue in O’Fallon, Unitech Pest Control has the perfect solution: bed bug heat treatment.

    Here are two benefits of bed bug heat treatment in O’Fallon:


    Forget about harsh chemicals; our heat treatment is safe and effective, making it ideal for families and businesses. The specialized heat treatment is an excellent way to combat bed bugs, using nothing but extremely high temperatures to rid your home or businesses of these pests.


    This chemical-free approach is not only effective but also safe for everyone on the property. Whether you’re dealing with a small infestation or a larger problem, our heat treatment will make your property bug-free and comfortable once again.

    Why Choose Unitech For Bed Bug Heat Treatment In O'Fallon

    Ideal for both residential and commercial properties, our heat treatment is delivered by skilled professionals who personally guarantee thorough, safe, and pet-friendly service. Experience a bug-free environment with Unitech Pest Control’s alternative to regular pest treatment programs. This child-friendly treatment doesn’t hurt the environment, your family, or your pets—the only losers here are the bed bugs!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Heat treatment involves raising the temperature in your home or business to a level that kills bed bugs at all life stages. It’s a chemical-free method, making it safe for both residential and commercial properties.

    Typically, the process takes between 6 to 8 hours, depending on the size of the area. But, in worse infestations, it might take longer. Either way, what’s important is that you let our experts go through the usual process to make sure that bed bugs are completely eradicated

    Not at all. Heat treatment is designed to penetrate furniture, walls, and even electronics without causing damage. The only way this can damage is if it isn’t done correctly. Choosing professional pest control guarantees that the job is done right.

    Observing bites, spotting live bugs, or finding shed skins and fecal spots are clear indicators that you need professional pest control services such as bed bug heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs that may be living in and around your home.

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      $20.00 off Initial Treatment

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