Bed Bug Heat Treatment in St Charles, MO

Are you in the middle of a war against bed bugs in St. Charles? Worry no more!

Eliminate bed bugs fast with Unitech Pest Control’s expert bed bug heat treatment in St. Charles. Our state-of-the-art heaters target and eradicate bed bugs and their eggs by elevating temperatures to lethal levels within your property. Our industrial-grade equipment raises temperatures that swiftly take care of the problem. 

With our professional team at the helm, you can expect meticulous service that leaves no room for pests to hide. Contact Unitech Pest Control now for a comprehensive and professional approach to bed bug eradication.

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    Is Heat Treatment Good To Kill Bed Bugs

    How Heat Treatment Works

    We use powerful industrial heaters to elevate the temperature in your space to between 125°F and 140°F. This lethal heat penetrates wall voids, cracks, and crevices, eliminating bed bugs and their eggs in a single treatment. Our trained technicians monitor the process closely, using air movers to distribute the heat evenly. 

    Reach out to Unitech Pest Control to find out more about our effective bed bug heat treatment services.

    Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatment in St Charles

    Deep and Thorough

    Traditional chemical treatments often struggle to reach these hidden spots, leaving some bed bugs alive and able to continue the infestation. Unitech Pest Control’s heat treatment addresses this problem by using high-powered heaters to raise the temperature to between 125°F and 140°F.

    Non-Toxic Solution

    You don’t have to worry about harmful residues or the need to vacate your property for extended periods. Our child and pet-friendly solution allows you to have peace of mind while effectively dealing with the bed bug problem.

    Elimination in One Go

    Chemical treatments often require multiple sessions over several weeks, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. In contrast, our heat treatment typically achieves complete eradication in a single session. By maintaining lethal temperatures for a sufficient duration, we ensure that all bed bugs and their eggs are eliminated in one go.

    Why Choose Unitech For Bed Bug Heat Treatment In St Charles

    At Unitech Pest Control, we’re committed to delivering top-notch customized pest control services that meet the specific needs of each client served within the St.Charles area. Our skilled professional technicians are equipped with the expertise necessary to handle various types of infestations, including challenging cases involving stubborn species such as those pesky little bed bugs.

    Unitech Van Providing pest and termite services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Professionals ensure that every part of your space is treated effectively based on the level of infestation currently plaguing your home and area. Our skilled technicians use high-tech equipment to ensure that no bed bugs survive.

    Bed bug heat treatment in St. Charles is highly effective, as it kills bed bugs at all life stages. Typically, it takes about 6 to 8 hours from start to finish. Finally, bed bug heat treatment won’t damage your furniture, electronics, or other belongings.

    The entire infested space, including furniture, walls, and even electronics, is treated. Basically, any area in your home where you live after you notice itchy bites, shed skin, and dark spots will receive the same level of treatment.

    Yes, you should remove items sensitive to high temperatures and follow any other preparation guidelines provided by our team. You can return the same day once the treated area has cooled down.

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      $20.00 off Initial Treatment

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