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At Unitech Pest and Termite Services, we are firm believers that quality is never ending, and offering respect to others results in accomplishment not only professionally but also personally. Regain control of your home, and don’t let pests win the war! Contact us today to receive a $20.00 reduction on pest management service, so you can restore peace in your living area with absolute certainty.

About Us

At Unitech Pest Control Florissant MO, we want to make sure that your home or business stays safe and pest-free. That’s why our team of experts is here with premier pest management services in Florissant, MO—effectively, respectfully, and professionally! You can be certain that our specialists will listen intently to your worries while ensuring full transparency regarding the procedures used as well as all associated expenses.

Our Services

Unitech Pest Control is your go-to for guaranteeing a pest-free environment. We specialize in eliminating all types of insects, from small ants and spiders to large bees and wasps – no infestation is too difficult for us. Additionally, we offer services such as rodent control and bird management to ensure that any rodents or birds in the vicinity won’t be an issue anymore. With Unitech Pest on your side, you can rest assured knowing that no pest will remain unchecked!

Multiple service options to choose from

We offer a variety of pest control services tailored to meet your needs: from monthly service, bi-monthly treatments, quarterly options, and exterior/interior care – up to one single session. We are firmly committed to ensuring that any insects or pests will not be an issue at your home or business ever again.

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End your pest control woes with our custom Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services for businesses and commercial accounts. Our practical, tailored programs give you the assurance that comes from being prepared – so don’t wait any longer. Investigate the range of options in a personalized plan today, and secure yourself against persistent pests.

Residential and commercial pest control in Florissant, MO, that work

Our residential pest control services provide comprehensive protection, from general insect prevention to mosquito elimination and rodent extermination. We guarantee complete peace of mind with our unmatched level of security. Conversely, our commercial services were crafted for businesses in the restaurant/food, property owners, hotels, and brewery industries. We are proud to provide these sectors with top-notch service.

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    Our Treatment Process

    At Unitech Pest and Termite Services, we pride ourselves on our commitment to both customers and employees. We acknowledge it is important not only to get rid of pests but also to respect the people involved with each procedure. That’s why when choosing a pest control service, we carefully consider everyone’s opinion – ensuring total contentment every time! To ensure maximum efficiency, our process consists of the following actions:

    1. Inspection

    A talented technician is assigned to the customer’s account and meticulously examines the area to precisely pinpoint which kind of pests or animals are causing mayhem.

    2. Identification

    After assessing pests at a certain area, it is critical to precisely recognize them according to their species, as well as age or size grouping (e.g., adults vs. larvae).

    3. Treatment Strategy

    Following the inspection, we will collaborate to formulate a plan of action that is tailored to your particular pest infestation. We take into account elements such as intensity and scope of activity together with the age/size of pests when selecting a strategy for optimal outcomes. All products used are both allergy-friendly and eco-friendly, so if green solutions suit you best then rest assured these will be available for use.

    4. Service Delivery

    Our technicians are extensively trained in the placement of traps, indoors or outside based on the situation. As a measure to keep small children and pets safe, all unsupervised traps will be labeled with cautionary signs. Additionally, our team provides thorough spraying/dusting services that can access those hard-to-reach areas such as behind appliances and within storage containers so no pest is left unchecked. As we exit a property, our staff takes the necessary steps to guarantee all points of entry are tightly secured so uninvited guests don’t take up residence in between sessions.

    5. Follow-up Assessment

    Following every treatment session, we reach back out to our customers to make sure the job was done up to their standards and capture any feedback they may have for us. Moreover, our customer service team is available all year round (if needed) to ensure you are pest-free throughout the entire calendar year.

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    Unitech Pest and Termite Services provides remarkable savings for both new customers and our loyal clients. And, when you refer us to others? Not only will they benefit from the discounts we offer, but YOU get a FREE treatment – can’t beat that! We also honor special discounts to senior citizens and veterans on top of our already competitive prices. So don’t wait any longer – partner with Unitech Pest & Termite Services today!

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    Why Choose Us

    If you’re searching for a pest control company that values your residence more than just four walls, then Unitech Pest Control and Termite Services is the answer. We understand that your home reflects who you are, which is why we make sure to provide attentive service of top quality. Our friendly atmosphere ensures safety as our team works efficiently to fulfill all desired results. Allow us to take care of all your pest control needs swiftly.

    1. Family-Owned & Operated Business

    When you entrust your pest control needs to us, we treat it as if the customer was a part of our own family. With professional and personalized services, we make sure that each customer is fully satisfied with a compassionate atmosphere. Our team consists of experienced specialists who understand the importance of comfort and high-quality treatments. This level of commitment is what makes us stand out from other businesses in this industry.

    2. Kid & Pet-Friendly Treatments

    Safety comes first. That is why we only use treatments that are safe for your family and pets, while still getting rid of any pests successfully. Additionally, to do our part in protecting the planet, we use eco-friendly treatment methods instead of harsh chemicals or treatments that could cause complications.

    3. Pest Control Experts

    We appoint only experts with extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields of expertise. Our team has the necessary skill set, resources, and proficiency to provide exceptional quality service when you reach out for assistance regarding any pest issues on your property. With us by your side, you can be sure that all pests will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.


    For ultimate protection against pests, we highly suggest investing in regular visits every 3-4 months. We offer a vast selection of solutions that can meet all your needs – from monthly to quarterly services – depending on the magnitude of your home or business.

    Without question! At Unitech, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our services. Our confidence in our services is unmatched. If an issue returns after we’ve treated it, then you won’t be charged again for us to come back.

    By enlisting a reputable pest control service, you can rest assured knowing that your space is in good hands. Our specialists have years of expertise and can quickly identify which type of pests infest your area before providing an effective solution tailored to your needs. We guarantee satisfactory results while also ensuring that all work is professionally completed – something DIY methods cannot provide.

    When you invest in a yearly program, it is the most reliable and successful way to ensure long-term success. Routine maintenance will provide complete confidence that your property will remain bug-free for many months at a time. A single service can offer temporary relief, but if you desire enduring protection then our customized plans are ideal for you.

    Florissant, Missouri is a small suburb of St. Louis in St. Louis County located approximately 15 miles north of downtown St. Louis. The city has a population of around 52,000 people and is considered one of the oldest settlements in the state. Florissant is home to many parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and other attractions that help make it a great place to live and visit. Those interested in history will find plenty to explore at the historic Old Town Florissant Historic Site. This area was once a thriving commercial center with over 20 buildings from the 19th century still standing. Visitors can also explore the St. Ferdinand Shrine and take part in a range of guided walking tours.

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    I have been using Unitech Pest Control for a number of years now. When I tell my grandchildren the bug man is coming they get very excited. He has always been exceptionally nice and does a good job.

    Casey L.

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