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Effective Pest Control

In St. Louis MO, Unitech Pest stands out as a leading provider of pest control services. Our approach combines advanced techniques and personalized solutions to tackle any pest issue you might face. We specialize in both pest control and termite treatment, ensuring your home or business remains free from unwanted guests. Our team is well-trained, equipped with the latest tools, and committed to delivering effective results.
Whether dealing with an ongoing infestation or taking preventive measures, our services are designed to meet your specific needs. We prioritize safety, using methods that are safe for both children and pets, while ensuring the highest level of service. With Unitech Pest, you gain peace of mind knowing that your property is in capable hands.

Direct and Effective Control for Homes and Businesses

Unitech Pest is your straightforward solution for pest control and termite treatment in St. Louis, MO. We focus on delivering effective, reliable services without complicating the process. Our team uses a clear and direct approach to tackle any pest issue, ensuring your home or business remains safe and pest-free.
With options that are safe for both children and pets, and a commitment to personal and consistent service, we make managing pest problems simple. Our annual treatment programs keep your space protected all year round, backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Choose simplicity and effectiveness; choose Unitech Pest.

Integrated Pest Management, Pest Specific Treatment

Our approach targets the unique characteristics of each pest. This means we apply the right treatment for the specific pest in your home or business, ensuring effective control and prevention of future infestations.

1. Kid & Pet Friendly Respectful Service

Safety comes first. Our services are designed to be safe around children and pets. We select methods and products with their well-being in mind, so you can have peace of mind.

2. Your Own Personal Technician

Consistency is key. With us, you get a dedicated technician who understands your specific situation and history. This personalized service ensures that treatments are always tailored to your needs.

3. Annual Pest Treatment Programs

Stay protected year-round. Our annual programs offer ongoing defense against pests, keeping your property secure through every season. Regular treatments mean pests don’t stand a chance.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority. We stand behind our services with a commitment to resolving any concerns. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right because your peace of mind is important to us.

5. 100% Satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand by our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If pests return between visits, so do we—at no additional cost. Trust Unitech Pest to deliver the peace of mind you deserve.

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    Choosing Unitech Pest & Termite Services means you save money from the start. Get up to $20 off your first pest control service with us. Contact us now to learn how much you can save by selecting our services.

    Why Choose Unitech Pest Control Services?

    Unitech Pest Control provides a range of services to meet your needs. Whether you require frequent monitoring and prevention or just occasional treatments, we have a plan that fits. Our options include:
    • Monthly Service for continuous protection.
    • Exterior Treatments to safeguard the perimeter of your property.
    • Interior Treatments targeting pests inside your home or business.
    • Quarterly Service for seasonal pest management.
    • Bi-Monthly Service for a balanced approach to pest control.
    With these choices, you can customize your pest management strategy, ensuring your space remains comfortable and pest-free.


    The cost of pest removal varies based on the type and extent of the infestation. For an accurate quote, contacting a professional service is recommended. Prices are tailored to your specific situation.
    Pest control eliminates insects and rodents from homes and businesses. They identify the type of pest causing issues and decide on the best treatment method. The process includes using chemicals, traps, and preventive measures to stop future infestations. Their goal is to ensure a safe, pest-free environment for their clients.
    Pest control professionals use specific chemicals to target and eliminate pests. They also set traps and seal entry points to prevent pests from entering. These actions create a safer, pest-free environment.
    Pest control is a service that removes unwanted insects and animals from homes and businesses. It involves identifying the problem, then applying treatments to eliminate pests. The goal is to create a safe and clean environment.
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    I have been using Unitech Pest Control for a number of years now. When I tell my grandchildren the bug man is coming they get very excited. He has always been exceptionally nice and does a good job.

    Casey L.

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