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Pest activity in your Hotel or Motel could cause the closing of your business and seriously jeopardize your brand. Unitech Pest control programs are designed to protect your business, allowing you to focus on serving customers and ensuring them of a pleasant stay at your facility.

About Us

Unitech Pest is a family-operated pest control business in St. Louis. We operate independently, free from the constraints of public shareholders. Our commitments are upheld with the utmost integrity, as our family legacy and traditions are integral to our identity. Unitech Pest and Termite Services values longevity in an increasingly transient world. We believe that quality never becomes outdated and treating individuals – including our customers – with respect is the pathway to success in business and life. These fundamental principles are the bedrock of our operations and play a pivotal role in steering our mission towards success. By adhering to these core values, we ensure that every aspect of our service reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Allen Stagner, Proprietor of Unitech Pest and Termite Control, remains dedicated to upholding these standards to provide top-tier pest management solutions.

Unitech Pest Solutions: Your Eco-Friendly Shield Against Pests in St. Louis

1. Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Unitech Pest & Termite Services operates on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, a strategic approach that prioritizes environmental safety and sustainability. Our IPM solutions focus on preventing pest problems by identifying and removing the factors that may attract or sustain them. This method employs a combination of techniques, including biological control, habitat manipulation, and modification of cultural practices. By adopting this environmentally responsible strategy, we not only control pests effectively but also minimize the use of pesticides. Our approach ensures the safety of your family, pets, and the environment, making us a trusted choice for pest control in St. Louis.

2. Employee & Customer Friendly Service

Unitech Pest & Termite Services is committed to fostering a friendly environment for both our employees and customers. Our team exhibits professionalism while ensuring a warm and approachable demeanor, creating a comfortable atmosphere for customers seeking our services. We believe in the power of communication and aim to keep channels open, clear, and respectful at all times. Our employees are trained not only in technical skills but also in customer relations, ensuring every interaction is positive. This harmonious blend of professionalism and friendliness in our service delivery sets us apart, making us a preferred choice for pest control services in St. Louis.

3. Your Own Trained Technician

We assign a dedicated technician to each customer. Our technicians are well-versed in advanced pest control techniques and possess a thorough understanding of local pests’ behaviors and habitats. They undergo rigorous training, equipping them with the knowledge to address your unique pest problems effectively. This personalized approach ensures consistent service quality and allows us to build a strong relationship with our customers. Our technicians not only offer solutions but also educate customers on prevention methods, helping you maintain a pest-free environment long after our job is done.

4. Annual Pest Treatment Programs

Unitech Pest & Termite Services offers comprehensive annual pest treatment programs designed to provide year-round protection for your home or business. These programs incorporate routine inspections and treatments, ensuring that pests do not get a chance to establish themselves. Our experienced technicians adapt their approach based on seasonal pest activity and your particular needs, offering a truly personalized service. This proactive strategy keeps your property safeguarded from pests throughout the year, bringing you peace of mind. With our annual pest treatment programs, we make it easier to maintain a healthy, pest-free environment.

5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our services are designed to meet and exceed your expectations, aiming for complete contentment with our pest control solutions. We stand firmly behind the quality of our work, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied with our service, we promise to revisit and rectify the issues at no additional cost. This assurance underscores our commitment to providing top-notch service and our confidence in our highly trained technicians. Choose us for your pest control needs, and experience the peace of mind our satisfaction guarantee brings.

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    Prepare by cleaning, decluttering, and removing food. Follow instructions from the pest control company, protect pets, and consider safety equipment. Ensure children and sensitive individuals are not present during treatment. Adhere to post-treatment guidelines for the best results.
    Pests may return if the root causes aren’t addressed. Reintroduction, incomplete treatment, and environmental factors can contribute. Follow-up preventive measures and regular inspections can help minimize the risk of reinfestations. Unitech Pest Control is committed to providing not only effective but also long-lasting solutions to keep your space pest-free.
    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an eco-friendly and holistic approach to pest control, especially in hotels and motels. The approaches include detection, tracking, preventive, cultural/mechanical, biological, and chemical controls as a last resort. IPM aims to reduce environmental negative effects without sacrificing efficacy or sustainability.

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    I have been using Unitech Pest Control for a number of years now. When I tell my grandchildren the bug man is coming they get very excited. He has always been exceptionally nice and does a good job.

    Casey L.

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