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What Is the Main Cause of Bed Bugs?

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Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on human blood. They are known for their ability to hide and infest just about any space where people live, especially on beds and in clothing. As such, it’s important to understand the main causes of bed bugs in order to prevent and address infestations. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the top causes of bed bugs and how to effectively deal with them.



One of the main causes of bed bugs is traveling. They can easily hitchhike on luggage, clothing, and other personal items from one place to another. Therefore, if you travel frequently, make sure to inspect all your belongings for bed bugs before and after your trip.

When you check into a hotel, make sure to inspect the room for any signs of bed bugs before settling in. Check the mattress, box springs, and headboard for any bloodstains, discarded skins, or live bugs. If you find any evidence of bed bugs, request a different room, or find another hotel.

In addition, avoid placing your luggage on the bed, and instead, place them on luggage racks or stands provided by the hotel.

Secondhand Furniture

Buying secondhand furniture can also introduce bed bugs into your home. Be cautious when bringing in any used furniture, especially if it has been stored in a garage, basement, or storage unit. Bed bugs can easily hide in the seams, cracks, and crevices of furniture, making it hard to detect them.

If you can’t resist buying secondhand furniture, make sure to thoroughly inspect it before bringing it into your home. Vacuum it thoroughly and spray it with a bed bug repellent before using it.

If you purchase or inherit any used furniture, be sure to inspect them thoroughly for any signs of bed bugs, including fecal spots, shed skins, and eggshells. If possible, seal any furniture in plastic bags before transporting them to your home and thoroughly vacuum it before use.

Multiple Occupancy Homes

Living in multiple occupancy homes, such as apartments and dormitories, also increases your risk of bed bug infestations. Because bed bugs can easily move from one unit to another through cracks, electrical outlets, and plumbing, living in close proximity to other people increases your chances of encountering bed bugs. Always be vigilant and inspect your living space regularly for any signs of bed bugs, especially if you have neighbors who have reported an infestation.


Another main cause of bed bugs is clutter. Bed bugs thrive in cluttered environments, making it easier for them to hide, breed and multiply. Cluttered homes, especially with piles of clothes, papers, and other items, provide an ideal place for bed bugs to thrive. To prevent bed bugs from taking up residence in your home, keep your home neat and tidy. Regularly vacuum your floors, clean your furniture, and wash your clothing and bedding in hot water.

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Lack of Awareness

Finally, one of the main causes of bed bugs is a lack of knowledge about them. Many people are unaware of the habits, behavior, and appearance of bed bugs, making them unaware of their presence in their homes. Educate yourself about bed bugs to help prevent them from invading your home. Learn how to identify them, their warning signs, and how to detect them.


Bed bugs are a common problem that can cause significant discomfort and emotional distress. Knowing the main causes of bed bugs can help prevent and address infestations. Be sure to inspect your belongings, avoid used furniture, keep living spaces clean and clutter-free, maintain good hygiene habits, and educate yourself about bed bugs. With these tips, you can effectively combat bed bugs and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

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