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How To Choose Pest Control In St. Louis

How To Choose Pest Control In St. Louis

Taking proper care of your home can require a team of experts. There are some maintenance tasks that you can handle on your own and others that are best left to the pros. Most people can handle basic maintenance tasks like keeping the yard mowed, changing filters on a regular basis, cleaning out the gutters, etc. If you are a handy person, you may take on some of the more complicated home maintenance tasks like repairing small holes in the drywall, fixing doors that are not functioning at 100%, and replacing weather stripping around doors and windows. When it comes to more complex tasks like dealing with a plumbing or electrical issue it is best to leave those to someone with training and experience. The same goes for pest control. If your St. Louis home has a pest infestation, your best option for safely and quickly eradicating the pests is to hire a pest control provider.  

What type of infestation do you have? 

When you get started with the process of choosing a pest control in St. Louis it is good to have an idea about what type of infestation you have. This is because each pest control provider can vary in the types of pests they treat. For example, some companies focus exclusively on termite treatment while others offer a wide range of pest control services. You can narrow down your list of pest control providers by knowing what type of pest you need help eliminating. If you think you have pests but are unsure about what type, have a pest control pro come in and do an inspection. 

Do you want preventative services? 

Professional pest control is not only about eradicating an active infestation. You can also choose pest control in St. Louis which includes pest prevention. Once your home is free from pests, you need to take steps to make sure it stays that way. A combination of good home maintenance and professional preventative services will help you keep pests out of your house long-term. 

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Which criteria matter when choosing pest control in St. Louis?

There is a set of criteria that you should consider when choosing pest control in St. Louis. As mentioned above, you want to make sure the company you are considering offers pest control services for the type of pest infestation you have. Termites and bed bugs are the two types of pests that some pest control companies do not provide extermination services for. It is a good idea to choose a pest control provider in St. Louis that offers the full range of pest control services. You should also look for a pest control provider who offers a free inspection and a satisfaction guarantee. 

For the best pest control in St. Louis, consider Unitech Pest and Termite Services. Unitech offers a full range of pest control services including general pest control, bed bug, and termite treatment. You can schedule a free pest inspection to get the process started and determine what type of services you need.